The young woman has always been forbidden to enter a particular room in her own house.  One day, curiosity finally boils over and while her father is away, she sneaks inside to find a trophy room.  Drawn to the wardrobe, she opens the door to find a massive silvery fox tail.  As she runs her fingers through it, she feels a nostalgic, sad feeling … and then her fingers begin to itch.  Silvery fur begins to sprout all over her arms, her fingers lengthen to nails.  Then, she hears the door click behind her and spins to find her father – furious at her entrance to the room and having invoked a “curse”.  She begs to know what’s happening, the significance of the tail, and her father begins a story that started years before her birth… a story about a greedy prince, a young huntsman, and an enormous silver fox that could not be caught…

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Male female transformation stories. A young man thinks he’s found the solution to the bullying that he and his friend have been receiving in the form of a vial he bought from a real magician…
New This Update: The commission has reached its full length (new additions of pages 15 – 22) AND the first 9 pages have been colored!

Princess Transforms To A Dragon

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Male female transformation stories. A brave knight enters a dragon’s lair to slay the dragon and rescue the princess.  However, then things take a turn as the princess he rescued, turns into a dragon and….

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An unusually fluffy outfit transforms a woman into a poodle-girl! Watch this young girl transform to a cute poodle.

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